The field of Pulmonary Medicine was as yet not developed when Dr. S. K. Jindal joined the small two man division of Pulmonary Medicine under the department of Internal Medicine in PGI Chandigarh. Over the next three decades, he dedicated himself to building up the Department of Pulmonary Medicine and also the speciality as such, in India. Due to his untiring efforts the Department grew in leaps and bounds. The DM super speciality training course was subsequently introduced into the curriculum and was soon attracting the best talent in the country. By the time of his retirement, Dr. S. K. Jindal had built the Department into an internationally recognized centre.


Simultaneously, the speciality of Pulmonary Medicine evolved due to these efforts into one of the premier branches of Medicine in the country. Dr. Jindals’ name is now synonymous with the field of Pulmonary Medicine in India. After retirement, Dr. Jindal set up Jindal Clinics, a one stop centre for chest diseases, where one can get treatment for all sorts of chest diseases by one of the leading lights in this field. Jindal Clinics was set up with the aim of providing for suffering patients a centre where not only medical problems would be solved but also their counsel provided. The motto of Jindal Clinics is the Sanskrit sloka, “तमसो मा ज्योतिर् गमय” which translates as “Lead us from darkness to light.” Here, we provide counsel and help, not only for the body but also for the soul.


Pulmonary medicine is one of the main branches of medicine dealing with all diseases relating to the lungs and pleural cavity. The speciality of Pulmonary Medicine developed later than other super specialties like cardiology and nephrology worldwide and especially in India. Pulmonary Medicine in India especially was limited to treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis alone. It was only after the efforts of visionaries like Dr. S.K. Jindal that the focus and scope of the specialty in India has expanded. At the present, Pulmonary Medicine includes the sub-specialities of sleep medicine, interventional pulmonology, lung cancer and critical care, other than conventional chest disorders and tuberculosis. At Jindal Clinics, an effort has been made to provide counsel, advice and treatment for the broadest variety of lung disorders possible. We can confidently claim that the level of advice given here is at par with the best in the world.