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To create a Centre of excellence in the field of respiratory diseases to offer single window, specialized and affordable facilities with the state of art technology and highest standards of ethics and personalized care along with research and teaching in the discipline.


Mission of Jindal Chest Clinic is to continue our leadership and pioneering work in introducing latest techniques in the field.
We are a team of dedicated experienced professionals who believe in ourselves in achieving excellence, ethics, personalized and humane approach to patient care and satisfaction.
Along with patient services our pursuit for excellence includes teaching and research in the discipline.
We are committed to provide quality services to our patients and also care, compassion and empowerment for our employees and shared success with business partners.

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Spirometry is a specialised test of lung function. It is essential in the diagnosis and follow up of respiratory disorders.

Bronchoscopy involves the introduction of a bronchoscope into the airways. The procedure is done under…

One of the most common pulmonary disorders is the accumulation of fluid in the pleural ..

Sleep is characterised by its own set of medical problems and disorders, which are among the most common affecting..

EBUS is a new bronchoscopic technique which involves the use of a specialised bronchoscope for performing..

Spirometry is a specialised test of lung function. It is essential in the diagnosis and follow up of respiratory disorders..

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