Asked Questions
What does this centre bring to this region ?

Jindal chest is a specialty centre for one stop consultations in pulmonary medicine. The establishment of this centre has brought to the fore an expertise sorely missing from the region. The centre is spread over two premises comprising an Outpatient block (SCO 21, Sector 20-D, Chandigarh) and an intervention wing alongside the well-known Jindal IVF and Sant Memorial Hospital (# 3050, Sector 20D, Chandigarh), which is the premier institute in the region for the treatment of infertility. 

What are the facilities available at Jindal clinics?
Why is pulmonary function (Spirometry) checked?
How is pulmonary function (Spirometry) checked?
Is it painful? Is it difficult?
What is bronchoscopy? Why is it done?
Is it an operation? Do I need to be unconscious for this procedure?
How long does it take?
Is it painful?
Is it risky??
I have heard of a new procedure called EBUS? What is it and is it available here?
It sounds fascinating – tell me more?
How is it different from routine bronchoscopy?
What is thoracoscopy?
What is a sleep study?
Sleep is a natural phenomenon. Can there be disorders during sleep which affect my health?
I snore – do I need to undergo a sleep study?
How is this condition treated?
I have a medical problem – how do I book an appointment?