Medical Encounters

‘Medical Encounters’ chronicles the stories of patients seen by the author in his medical career of about half a century. From a man with scalded palms in 1968 to a youth in 2012 whose father needed lung transplantation; from one young lady isolated for her disease to another who defied medical advice; from Griffth who hid drug-abuse to Dr. Paul who came for a short visit, the tales provide an extra ordinary glimpse of the trials and tribulations faced by patients in their heroic struggle against disease and death. The pen portraits reflected in this fascinating book encompass the lives of Prime Ministers, Governors, Chief-Ministers, Judges, highly placed officials, army-men, police officers, newly married couples, precocious teen agers, wealthy men and farm-labourers. Thoughtful insights, combined with historical vignettes make this book a compelling read and above that, a captivating story of life and the living process.


The stories of Medical encounters will be available soon on the Jindal Chest Website. Watch this space for more.